Dogs and cats are our passion and we truly love what we do!

Welcome to Ett Pet SPA and salon for dogs, cats, and bunnies!

More than 20 years of grooming experience, an educated personal, and a stress-free environment!

Educated by top groomers, with veterinary background, only professional and environmentally friendly pet cosmetics for your pet assure you that you have given your four legs family member at the right place for taking care of their fur and skin.

Offering a special level of care

Your pet needs to be bathed, have their nails shortened, or their fur adjusted to have a functional coat length that gives easy maintenance and just feel good in their skin! We use proper dog or cat balanced shampoos and conditioners, make a beautiful style for your pet and also keep a healthy and happy four-leg family member!

Your pet enjoys being petted and pampered at home, and it will get more love after you allow them to be close to you! The clean, brushed and relaxed pet you get after leaving our salon!

Kittys hundtrim was established more than 30 years ago. It is at the same address all of these years!

It is a small but cozy place where you can book a time for your pet to be pampered.


Book a time for dog/cat SPA.

Your dog is bathed with a professional range of shampoo and conditioner, get a light relaxing massage, completely dried and their ears would be rinsed and cleaned, and nails shortened! You can choose an extra service -CO2 Hydrotreatment with Nagayu shower.


All pets in our salon always get a bath, coat is conditioned, brushed, and dried properly, as clipped or scissored to the desired length. You can choose to be cut at breed standard or choose the style you prefer the most. 


We groom cats only on cat days, where only cats are allowed in the salon! We examine cats and recommend a proper groom depending on the coat state, and behavior of the cat. 

You can book a time to groom your rabbit. Cat and rabbit grooming are provided without restraint or sedation.