Puppies grooming session

max 30 min                                           400 SEK

Start soon dog get all vaccines! Book a time for the first visit 076 005 72 36 ( from 3-5 months of age)

Come and meet a groomer

We train your puppy for stress-free grooming! It is important and necessary for the future grooming procedure to come and meet us in the salon! We introduce ourselves to them! 

Get first introduction

It is a requirement to walk in the salon with the puppy! Bring your own treats if the dog is sensitive or allergic! Otherwise, we have a good one! We introduce a puppy to sounds, smells, and touches! 

We cut nails and fix the hair on the face and paws.

Book a time for next visit

The owner stays with the puppy!

It lasts max 30 minutes

Ask if you have questions, watch and continue to follow our advice at home! 

We recommend the next steps!