Large dogs (from 20 to 35 kilos)

Portuguese water dogs, Golden retrievers, Standard Poodles,  Welsh or English springer spaniels, mini labradoodle, Bearded collies, Collie, Giant schnauzers, Airedale terriers, setters, afghan hounds, etc.

Cut length:

Short cut with clipper all at the same length from 2 to 5 mm, from nose to tail-1365 SEK

Sport cut - all the same length from 3 to 10 mm, styling tail and head with scissors -1560 SEK

Styling and breed cut -1950 SEK

Scissor all over on long coat (10 mm-25mm)-2340 SEK

Large dogs (from 20 to 35 kilos)

Spa (include bath, nail cut, ears cleaning, de-sheding, paw hair cut)

Collie                                                                 2340 SEK

Golden retriever from                                          1560 SEK

German shepherd                                               1560 SEK

Samoyed                                                            1950 SEK

Siberian Husky                                                   1560 SEK

Labrador retriever                                              1170 SEK

Chau-Chau                                                        1365 SEK

Setters                                                             1950 SEK