Pet Spa

Pet spa includes -Bath with a shampoo formulated for the type of your dog's coat. Dogs get a light massage through the bath. After rinsing, the dog's coat is conditioned with balsam. After rinsing the conditioner, all undercoat that is loose on the body will be rinsed and removed. This is an important phase for all dogs, but specifically for fur-bearing dogs such as spits, shepherds... You can request an additional rinse with the Nagayu hydrotherapy shower. 

SPA includes drying, brushing, and nail cutting, and ears are rinsed with a special ear rinsing solution. You can choose to scent your dog with special perfumes. Your dog gets a bow or bandana.

Dog Grooming

Every dog in complete grooming service is bathed and hair is conditioned, regarding the type of the coat. If the dog is brushed properly, you can choose a style for your dog. Long or short, by the breed standard, or sports grooming. Wire-coated dogs can be hand-stripped in our salon.

We will groom your pet by your wishes. It is a good idea to bring a photo of the style you like, so we can be close to what you are expecting. 

If the dog's coat is not brushed and has tangles, unfortunately, we can not come and make a dog by your wishes. In our salon rule is "Humanity before vanity". Your dog needs to feel good, his skin needs to breathe and keep healthy so as to allow free movement. Then the dog would be clipped short as all tangles would be removed.

Cat grooming

Cat also needs to be professionally groomed every 4 to 8 weeks. Especially if they are long-haired. With us, they were handled by a professional cat groomer. Depending on the coat state they need to be shaved short when the coat is tangled.

We do not use any restraints or sedation in our salon.

If your cat is regularly groomed by a professional, you can choose a bath with undercoat removal, lion clip, sanitary clip, half clip, clip with distance combs, or belly shaving.

Not every cat can be handled by us, but most cats can get treatment with us. Cats that are aggressive or can have some health issues need to be redirected to the closest veterinarian, that would groom the cat under sedation. 

Bunny grooming

If you have a long-haired bunny or even a short-haired one, they need to get their hair groomed. The oldest bunny known is 14 years old, so bunnies need regular grooming and nail clipping.

We do not bathe bunnies as they are very easy to stress out (except when necessary, providing "But wash" to remove crusty feces under the tail.

We brush, hand strip longer hair, or remove tangles by clipper from their delicate skin.

Every kind of bunnies can be groomed by us. We know how to safely handle bunnies to cut nails or make a sanitary area wash if necessary. Booked on cat and bunnies day only!