X-Large dogs (from 30 kilos and up)

Labradoodles- Klip 2-10 mm all over with head and tail styling 1950 SEK

Flat-coated retrievers-breed cut 1755 sek

Bernaise Mountain dogs-bath,de-shedding with paws cut 1950 SEK

Leonbergers-bath with de-shedding 1950 SEK

Pyrenees mountain dogs-bath with de-shedding 1950 SEK

Alaskan Malamute-bath with de-shedding 1950 SEK

Russian black terriers-breed cut -2340 SEK

Newfoundlands bath with de-shedding and styling 2340 SEK, American Akita bath with de-shedding 1950 SEK,

Great Dane-bath 1560 SEK

Ridgeback-bath 1560 SEK,

Bulmastif, English mastiffs-1560 SEK