Medium size dogs (from 10 to 20 kilos)

example Cocker spaniels, medium Poodles, Lagottos, Spanish Pero, Barbet, Irish terriers, Soft-coated terriers, Bedlington, Bassets- petit griffon wendeen, fauve bretagne, cockapoo-cavapoo, puli, pumi, standard schnauzers

Cut length:

Short cut (Bikini cut) with clipper all at the same length from 2 to 5 mm, from nose to tail-1170 SEK

Sport cut - all the same length from 3 to 10 mm, styling tail and head with scissors -1365 SEK

Styling and breed cut all over the body with clippers and scissors, longer cut on body and legs 10-25 mm -1560 SEK

Scissor all over on long coat (10 mm-25mm)-1950SEK

Medium size dogs (from 10 to 20 kilos)

SPA (bath, conditioner, de-shedding, paw fix, nail cut, ear cleaning)

Short-haired: beagles, shar-pei, American Stafordshire bullterrier etc. from 1170 SEK

Japanese spits -from 1170 SEK

German spits keeshond-1560 SEK

Finlands spits -1560 SEK

Australian shepherd mini 1365 SEK

Australian Shepherd 1560 SEK

Bearded collie 1560 SEK


Hand stripping with styling: incl.bath, nails cut,ear cleaning

Cocker spaniels 1950 SEK

Standard schnauzers from 1950 sek

Irish terrier from 1560 SEK

Basset griffon wendeen petit from 1560 SEK

Basset griffon large 1950 SEK

Basset fauve bretagne from 1560 SEK

Dachshund 1365 SEK